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Waiting for Adoption
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Our mission statement is:
  • "To shelter all healthy and sociable animals in a loving, clean environment until a suitable home is found."
  • We only provide Animal Control services for Strathroy Caradoc. Pickups and poundkeeping for lost dogs ONLY are provided for North Middlesex and Lucan Biddolph. Please call us at 519 666-1632 before bringing any animal to the shelter.
  • Unlike many other shelters we do not euthanize healthy, sociable animals. Instead, they stay at our shelter until a home is found for them.
  • If you would like to adopt a pet or have lost a pet in our Animal Control area, you can see our list of pets available for adoption by clicking here.
  • Before calling us about an adoption, print our Adoption Form and fill it out. It may help you (and us) select the dog or cat that is best for you.
  • Another great idea is to read "Adopting a Rescue Dog -The First Seven Days" a great guide to getting a new dog. You can download a PDF copy by clicking here or email them from their website for a copy of the book.
  • You can also view our ACC Lobo Code Of Ethics.
Adoption Fees

WAIT! Before you consider adoption, consider the annual cost in return of a pets unconditional affection.
Click on FIFI, FIDO & FINANCES for a 2011 cost estimate.

We do charge a minimal fee for adoptions to help cover our expenses.
Our Adoption Services are strictly non-profit

Dog Fees

Our basic adoption fee for a dog (as is) is $100 plus taxes. Any veteterinarian work is added to this fee.
The Standard Fee for pups is $250 which includes a vet check and vaccinations

Cat Fees

Our basic adoption fee for a feline (as is) is $50 plus taxes. Any veteterinarian work is added to this fee.
No one who can provide a secure loving home will be turned away.
We highly recommend that each feline is taken to your own vet for vaccination and sterilization.
All felines are checked for parisites and are considered healthy upon adoptions.
A.C.C.Lobo will not take back any feline that is adopted. It is much too stressful for the feline to be returned. We would encourage anyone who adopts to understand that this is now a permanent commitment. Please do your homework first and be confident that you are now the new owner and totally able from here on to look after the feline(s) adopted and insure that your new pet(s) will have an excellent forever home with you.

We will no longer give any refunds to any feline adopted from our shelter.

Want to adopt a pet? Click here for adoption times.

If you can't find the pet that seems right for you here, please check out our Links page. There are a number of local and national organizations such as ARF that can help you find the pet that is right for you.

You Can Help

1. All monetary donations are applied directly to the care of our homeless pets.

2. Donations of food, kitty litter and other pet supplies are appreciated.

3. Help around the kennels, cleaning, dog walking or providing companionship is always appreciated. Please print and fill out our Volunteer Form and bring it to the shelter if you are interested.

4. Our Boarding and Grooming business helps us to keep the shelter running. We value your support.

5. Print out our Adoption poster and post it at your school or work.

6. Looking for a meaningful gift for a Pet Lover?


Visit Kuranda's website at www.kuranda.com or call them at 1-800-494-7122

Our shelter dogs would love a soft bed to sleep on while they wait for their forever home. A Kuranda bed would give them a warm, elevated bed to lie on during cold nights.

Some of our dogs already have beds, but we don’t have enough for everyone. You can donate a bed to a shelter dog in your name or as a gift for a friend of family member.
Kuranda will mail a personalized Gift Card acknowledgement directly to them.

7. Our adoption related web pages are sponsored by local businesses. We would ask that you support these businesses and mention that you saw them here. If you are interested in sponsoring a page, please e-mail gertie@acclobo.com

Current Sponsers are:-
Cat and House Sitting London


Animals as Gifts

Thinking of giving a puppy or a kitten as a gift? This can be very stressful for the animal around Christmas time or Birthdays. Why not give a Pet Promise Certificate? This certificate can be printed and reviewed by the recipient on Christmas or their birthday and then they can be prepared to help introduce the pet to your household and take care of it. Consider attaching the certificate to a Stuffed Animal.

You can view and print the Certificate here.

(Thanks to petfinder.com for the idea)



We recommend that all pets be micro chipped to aid in identification. We will perform this service at our shelter for only $30 per animal. Click here to see how this works.

Check out when we are open

Check out when we are open


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